Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Karissa Kokumin Released

Today was Karissa Kokumin release... gotta add to UTAU wiki later

Its a CV voicebanks. Both Japanese and Indonesia. And im do it SLOWLY otl.
Tough her indonesian voicebank maybe, called > STILL BETA

datas :
ACT 1 (japanese) UTAU TYPE : Indoloid

Name : Karissa Kokumin
DOB : August 20th 2998
Type : INA 087
Age : 14 (originally  gonna release at December 2012)
Voice range :  E3-G5

Karissa is an emotional, imaginative but sometimes annoying. She's very heroic and want make this world peace. She's an anti-sara (Sara is mean racist tough). She's also can called Animelovers. She's sometimes can be 1/4 tsundere 1/8 yangire. She's known have an abillity to control air, known as aerokinesis.

hmm well thats all, i guess.

Voicebank download :
Indonesia ACT 1
Japanese ACT 1

Free to fix the Oto tough

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