Sabtu, 05 Oktober 2013


I'm sorry for no updates otl
im lazy to make an updates lol

tough i decided to make my utaus as a characters in my story, tough only 1 who is main charas tough
tough the story is so pointless i think

ok thats all, i think XD

Selasa, 09 Juli 2013

Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Karissa Kokumin Released

Today was Karissa Kokumin release... gotta add to UTAU wiki later

Its a CV voicebanks. Both Japanese and Indonesia. And im do it SLOWLY otl.
Tough her indonesian voicebank maybe, called > STILL BETA

datas :
ACT 1 (japanese) UTAU TYPE : Indoloid

Name : Karissa Kokumin
DOB : August 20th 2998
Type : INA 087
Age : 14 (originally  gonna release at December 2012)
Voice range :  E3-G5

Karissa is an emotional, imaginative but sometimes annoying. She's very heroic and want make this world peace. She's an anti-sara (Sara is mean racist tough). She's also can called Animelovers. She's sometimes can be 1/4 tsundere 1/8 yangire. She's known have an abillity to control air, known as aerokinesis.

hmm well thats all, i guess.

Voicebank download :
Indonesia ACT 1
Japanese ACT 1

Free to fix the Oto tough

Sabtu, 20 April 2013

Newcomer UTAU(s)

-UTAU long update lol-
Decided to make another UTAU (s). Both are twins, but they REALLY DIFFERENT if you see their design #arthaventdoneyet
Their names are Rumine Shiro and Kuro. Shiro is female albino , and Kuro is male.
Both ages are 12-13
Kuro demo arent uploaded yet

Now they're supported hiragana --

Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

First released UTAUloid Sae Utatte

Hello again ^^
I give you my First release UTAUloid. Why? Because she's not the first UTAUloid i made. The previous one is Karissa Kokumin, but i think i need to fix her voicebank.
I'm sorry that my voicebanks aren't support hiragana 

Tough i make her a Mobian Utauloid. I just want to make it a mobian. Tough only few of Mobian UTAUloid in this world.

Name : Sae Utatte
Type : Mobiloid (Mobian Utauloid - Original style by SEGA)
Name meaning >> Both means singing
Model : Mobi1
Voice range : C5- C6
Voice Source : CMS
Birthday : January 24th
Release > February 23th 2012 Sae Voicebank
Height > 93 cms
Characther Item > White Chocolate
Age > 13
Nationality > Japanese / mobian (nikon (?))

Sonic charather data
Species > Light Blue wolf

Abillities > That her name means singing, shes can create a great sound that can attack her enemies
Type > Flight

Her name (both) means singing. She's very childish and a bit feminine. She's the first Mobian Utauloid by new-blader. Her Nationallity is Japanese (on Mobius - Nikon). Her abillity type is Flight, tough from her powers that Create a sound so she can fly with her sound. She's active.

Im sorry that the image on her utau is terribble

Okay thats all. Thanks for download her!

And by the way, this is my UTAUloid rules:

  • Dont claim all my  voicebanks as yours, or i kill you #slap
  • Not for commercial use without my credit
  • Free. Again, dont sell it.
  • You can fix my wrong voicebank #okayslapwhee 
  • You can use it freely.
  • Any genres song. Expect theres a characther song tag.
  • As i said before, you can use it freely. So if you use my UTAU voicebank, show it to me! :D 
  • Dont click the samples voice. is the voicebank
  • Not for sale

Well i think thats it. Thanks!

Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

He hello!!

I'm just a beginner UTAU user xD Im gonna use this blog to give a released voicebanks xD
Tough the voicebank were bad. Especially iueo part xD
Voicebanks language maybe about Japanese and English
I dont know how to put my Japanese voicebank to hiragana
but i think thats all i want to say!! ^^